« …Just building a tube thing on a printed circuit board didn’t appeal to me. I just liked the idea of the old fashion way of building it on a metal chassis. And that’s the way I designed it to be built. And I came to the realisation later that doing things with that point to point wiring allows you to build things in three dimensions…The less tortuous you make the path worth the better things work… »

This is the philosophy of Doug Fearn. Tradition, simplicity, quality. And of course it demands a lot of effort.


The Red Legacy

The D.W.Fearn Legend

a film by Alain Le Kim

“Why is it red? I don’t know. I like that color. It just appealed to me. That’s how it came  about. It was just a whim, a color I picked out one day.” Doug Fearn is much more determined when it comes to the circuit design of his line of equipment. He will accept no compromise. Quality and tradition would be the best words to define the magnificent machines manufactured by Doug Fearn. His life is guided by his strong ethical sense, and he will give the same energy in his fight against the Lyme disease: “Entertainment, art is important, but it is not enough for me.” He is also an accomplished pilot and loves to fly his plane. Doug is an authentic purist, and the red front panels are a sign of his excellence seen in the greatest studios in the world.


D.W.Fearn cover f DVD/ 104′/ available : $ 29

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