« The education for music may very well be more important than what you would learn with a degree in electrical engineering in terms of building microphones or audio gear, in a sense that as a musician, you are going to listen and electrical engineers don’t necessarily have a listening training, so they could make something that would be theoretically very correct, but not very useful in the end. »

David Bock listens. not only to music, but to the old vintage microphones that have inspired him, and most of all to the users of his creations.


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a film by Alain Le Kim

David Bock has a long experience in the world of microphones. He worked in the most prestigious big studios in New York, and Los Angeles. His serie of microphones is inspired by the long legacy of the famous vintage mics of the fifties. He is also an accomplished cook and finds the two activities very complementary. Precision, attention to detail are essential in the design and manufacture of high end microphones as well as gastronomic cooking. We followed David at his prestigious friends places in L.A. scoring mixer Steve Kempster, producers Ross Hogarth and J.J.Blair who explain their ways to the use of microphones in their work. We also meet Capitol Studio’s Bruce Monical and Michael Cimarusta, Chef from the prestigious Providence Restaurant in L.A.

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