« What modern is to me is – I think – very different from what it is for other people. It’s the modern of the New York World’s Fair, the 1964 World’s Fair, and what they thought the future was going to be is what I think the future is, and of course, it’s very different from the present. It’s the future that never was. »

That is Dave Amels philosophy. He uses the latest modern technologies to develop products that revive the modern of the 60′s. That is precisely what Anamod is.


Anamod Secret

shared by Dave Amels and Greg Gualtieri

a film by Alain Le kim

Dave Amels had one day the idea to apply his vast knowledge acquired at designing plug-in software for the audio industry to the design of analog gear. Greg Gualtieri immediately gathered how brilliant the idea was and they started the Anamod endeavour.

Both Dave and Greg are not only scientific minds with a solid background, they are also accomplished musicians and this led to a perfect understanding. Dave has a long career as an organ player which led him to the creation of the Voce company, and then the development of Bomb Factory plug-ins. Greg is the founder of Pendulum Audio, and has been playing guitar for a long time. These two major designers of the audio world were willing to share their secret.


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