» Today, you can make a door sing right. Digital tools have brought algorythms capable of «genetic» manipulations far more efficient than what could be done with analog gear. « 

Yves Jaget goes for the truth. As a major sound engineer in Paris, with an impressive discography, he also insists on the huge difference beetween the adrenaline driven live concerts and the anxiety of the creative studio work.

Live show or studio life ?

Yves Jaget’s ever questioning dilemma

a film by Alain Le Kim

Yves is an over-active sound engineer. Passionate about his job, he explains how, as a kid, he was already fascinated by electronics. Starting as a guitar player, he was soon attracted by the magic of live sound in concerts. His incredible knowledge of music, analog electronics and computers has led him to a prominent position in the very restricted world of sound engineers. He is capable of running a huge live show for audiences of tens of thousands . « I am not afraid of a system failure on a live show. » He actually likes taking the risk to use very advanced configurations in these venues. At the same time, he will spend hours in his extremely high-tech studio, tracking and mixing albums for a good number of top artists.

But he also states : « You cannot do this job if you are not a musician. There is no way around. True, it is a technical job, but what matters most is your taste and your ears. » Yves Jaget is a quintescencial audio figure. Entering his world of knowledge is a privilege. He has opened his doors to detail the often frustrating, but nevertheless magic world of modern music creation.

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