» Music, food, entertaining, business, it all goes hand in hand… I like to think of myself as a form of an artist that just enjoys electronics and music. And it’s really the music I enjoy, more than the electronics. If it wasn’t for the music, I wouldn’t be doing this. « 

This the way Jonathan Little, founder of Little Labs, defines himself. He designs unique products specifically for the use of sound engineers, machines that no other manufacturer has ever thought of.


Little Labs Life

In Phase with Jonathan Little

a film by Alain Le Kim

Jonathan Little is a gentleman of Hollywood. His vast knowledge of the professional music world is matched by a great savoir-vivre that has allowed him to be surrounded by wonderful friends in this very exclusive world. His long experience as a technical director of large recording studios in L.A. has prompted him to developp a specific range of « boxes » as he calls them, taylored for the use of hard working producers and engineers, in the « trenches » for long overnight sessions, and unavailable before they were offered by Little Labs. Jonathan took us to visit such classic places as Conway, Sunset Sound, and Hansen Studios. With him, we met highly skilled sound engineers like Joe Barresi, Michael Belfer, David Boucher, Peter Mokrin, John Paterno…

Working at home for days at a time, Jonathan enjoys living in a great location up in the Hollywood Hills. He is a hard worker, but always in style : music is on all day and his tastes in music are eclectic. Jonathan spends a lot of time designing his well thought out products. He takes extreme care in all the stages of design and manufacture. And his friends engineers tell us how they use these very clever tools. From the PCP to the IBP, through his latest LMNOPre, we discover with Jonathan how some of these « boxes » characteristics inspire music producers to go into new territories. A fascinating trip through the audio world of Hollywood, with a very knowledgeable guy. During this kind of « Road Movie » of the classic music places, we discover life at Little Labs, always remaining in phase with Jonathan Little.

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