» It’s not good enough to have a good amplifier, good speakers and a good room to get good results, it’s like people. Some good people could never match, if they were married. « 

That’s what thinks Jean-Jacques Bacquet, manufacturer and founder of Klinger-Favre Audio, a confidential high-end audio company.

The speaker wizard

Jean Jaques Bacquet / Klinger Favre’s 30 years of audio craftmanship

a film by Alain Le Kim

The man never stops. Jean-Jacques Bacquet is like a tambourine-man, as he calls himself. He is driven by the passion of audio reproduction. He will not leave anything aside. Each component of the sound system manufactured by the brand he has founded, Klinger-Favre Audio, is carefully chosen, from the tiniest cable, to the wood used for the speaker cabinets. If he finds a new component able to improve his products, he will, at the last minute, exchange it before delivering the equipment to his customer. Jean-Jacques is a truly unique person and he oblingingly describes the multiple steps of his quest for perfection. Here is the story of the man at work. For Jean-jacques Bacquet, « Cables are diabolical, they are everywhere ». That is why he spends so much energy trying to improve them. He then goes on to screen « each diode, each transistor, each capacitor, each fuse, each soldering point, each type of circuit board » that contribute to the sound signature. And his rule is : « When I perceive a difference beetween a measured result and an audible result, I give priority to my ears, everytime. » One may not always agree with what Mr.Bacquet claims, but his controversial assessments reminds anyone interested in the field of sound, that good sense and dedication are the essential tools to achieve a high level of quality.

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